Ozzie did well at the fish farm over the next two weeks, and his fish catching skills improved. His antics delighted many a bird watcher. But Ozzie was beginning to feel restless. An urge to move south was developing in him that he could not ignore. It was a compulsion. Just after dawn on the 27th August Ozzie left the tree that had been his roost for the past fortnight. He had fed well the evening before and slowly circled up. He drifted over the fish farm and continued up-stream, gaining height. He was a little unsure of his direction and within 20 minutes he had wandered north and back over the fish farm. He was torn between staying or leaving. At last the urge to go won the battle in his head and with purposeful strokes he set off to the south. Ozzie's big adventure was about to begin!

The journey southwards was steady. Ozzie began by following river valleys out of the Scottish highlands. First he went south-west, then south-east following Loch Rannoch through the pass of Killiecrankie and down the Tay to Perth. Once the land began to get less mountainous, Ozzie, now at a considerable height moved a little more directly, crossing from one valley to another in order to keep the general direction. He did wander slightly in order to check out large lakes and big rivers. He passed west of Loch Leven, and crossed the Firth of Forth just after midday.

Fish eating birds cannot catch their food when the northern lakes and rivers freeze over in winter, so many species migrate southwards to areas which are warmer and remain ice free.