At Amwell gravel pits birdwatchers gather at the high point. At 11.23am a shout went up. 'Osprey!' Ozzie swept in from the north and flew the length of the Great Hardmead Lake. He saw a number of fish close to the surface, and, reaching the southern end of the lake turned for a second pass. Two-thirds of the way up he picked out a target. At only 20 metres up he checked and plunged. The splash was nearly drowned out by the gasps and shouts of the excited birders.

Ozzie emerged with a Perch that was 18cm long and  weighed 140 grams. He grasped it torpedo fashion and flew to the island where a weeping willow made the perfect dining table. In full view of the birdwatchers Ozzie ate his first meal in three days. The Lee Valley proved to be an ideal place for Ozzie to break his journey, and he rested and fed there for twelve days before moving on.