Forthcoming Exhibitions

My work is occasionally exhibited in various locations around the UK. Check back on this page or follow me on Twitter to get the latest news. I am always happy to bring artwork along to such events if you are interested in seeing a particular piece of art 'in the flesh' - please get in touch.

Delighted to discover The Helm Guide to Bird Identification has been voted as

The Birdwatch Bird Book of the Year 2014.


Thank you to all who voted.




Recent Publications

Illustrations are regularly published in bird books and field guides.

Fully revised and updated version with a new publisher The Helm Guide to Bird Identification, by Keith Vinicombe, artwork by Laurel Tucker and Alan Harris.

Available now! Publication by Bloomsbury Press under the Christopher Helm imprint.


The Birds of Spurn is out now. A monumental piece of work by Andy Roadhouse, with information on every species ever recorded at Spurn. This book also covers the history of Spurn, information on the site itself and the activities taking place by the observatory, such as bird ringing and recording bird migration.


Written by Andy Roadhouse, the book is published by Spurn Bird Observatory. It is hardback, 700 page book with photographs and illustrations throughout - including four illustrations by Alan Harris.

The Birds of Hertfordshire is out now - a full county avifauna. This brilliant new book covers all the bird species commonly seen in the county plus information on every species ever recorded in Hertfordshire. It includes the results of the most recent Atlas surveys of breeding and wintering birds, together with analysis and comparison with the two previous atlases.


Written by Herts Bird Club experts Chris Dee, Jack Fearnside, Mike Ilett, Ken Smith and Graham White, the book is published by Hertfordshire Natural History Society. It is hardback, A4 size with about 400 pages with photographs and distribution maps in full colour and cover illustrations by Alan Harris.


Please see the Herts Bird Club website for details.

Cover artwork and monochrome vignettes. The Birds of Radnorshire by Peter Jennings. Published March 2014 by Ficedula Books.

The Birds of Radnorshire is £30 (p&p free). Cheques payable to P. Jennings, orders to Park View, Staunton-on-Arrow, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 9HT.

Contributing illustrator and cover artwork. Birds of East Asia, by Mark Brazil.

Published in 2009 by Bloomsbury Press under the Christopher Helm imprint.



Contributing illustrator of this recently revised edition. Birds of the Indian Subcontinent, by Richard Grimett, Carol and Tim Inskipp. Published 2011 by Bloomsbury Press under the Christopher Helm imprint.



Feasting, Fowling and FeathersColour cover artwork and monochrome vignettes in the Poyser Monographs series book Feasting, Fowling and Feathers - A History of the Exploitation of Wild Birds, by Michael Shrubb.

Published September 2013 by Bloomsbury Press under the T&AD Poyser imprint.

Finches and SparrowsColour cover artwork and illustrations in the Helm Identification Guides  book Finches and Sparrows, by Peter Clement.

Published by Bloomsbury Press under the Christopher Helm imprint.