On 24th July, 50 days after hatching the oldest chick had been wing exercising when he let go of the nest. He did a vertical take off and hovered shakily over the nest for a few seconds before crashing back down. He did it again and again over the next two days, growing in confidence. Both Ozzie and BEL were now fishing for the brood. Ozzie returned carrying a trout. The chicks started begging for the food. Ozzie flew past and sat in a nearby tree. After a few minutes he flew back over the nest with the fish, once again landing in a tree nearby. The young watched intently. At last the oldest one could stand it no more. He opened his wings and thinking only of the fish launched himself off the nest. He dipped badly before finding his rhythm and in a few strokes was at the tree. Ozzie departed seconds before, leaving the fish on the branch. The youngster pulled up with difficulty and crash-landed onto the branch knocking the trout off in the process. It slipped down through the branches and deep into the heather. His maiden flight was unrewarded. Over the next few days Ozzie and BEL encouraged the other chicks to fledge by using alternate drop off points, although they all came back to roost on the nest.