Ozzie was confused. Three hours ago he had seen his father approaching from the east carrying a fish. Dinner! Ozzie had launched himself off from the dead branch of a Scots Pine with a call of anticipation. His father had replied with a warning call, and slightly changed direction away from him. Ozzies powerful wingstrokes bore him after him, his fine plumage immaculate. As Ozzie caught up with the mature seven year old, Ozzies father veered off, giving another warning call. Ozzie had noted the change for the last few days, he was ever more reluctant to allow Ozzie to take his catch. Ozzie hadn't seen his mother for over a week. The succulent trout swung from his father's talons as he swooped up onto a large dead branch of a Scots Pine, and Ozzie was right behind him. Calling excitedly he landed next to his father. Normally his father would back off and allow Ozzie to take the fish with his talons but this time he held his ground aggressively. Two times Ozzie tried a submissive begging approach, two times he was driven off. After a few minutes wait he tried again, walking up the branch. His fathers reaction was unexpected, he flew at Ozzie, knocking him off balance so that he was forced into flight. He pursued him before Ozzie was truly airborne and buffeted him into the heather and bracken at the rivers edge. Ozzie's father abandoned the attack and returned to his meal. Terrified and confused Ozzie struggled off and landed in a nearby tree, very shaken. And that's where he'd been ever since, watching his father devour the trout.

It is usual for the female Osprey to migrate shortly after the young leave the nest. The male stays behind to care for the young until they are strong enough to look after themselves and ready to migrate.