Ozzie didn't eat for another two days. Not that he was full after eating the small trout. He just hadn't had any more success. As he made fishing attempts he followed the river upstream. About a mile ahead he saw another Osprey circling over the wooded bend in the river. Abruptly it hovered, then plunged steeply out of sight. Moments later it emerged above the trees carrying a fish. Ozzie drifted along towards the trees. As he approached he saw a series of square ponds linked by channels. He circled, intrigued by what he saw. The square ponds were alive with fish! Thousands made the water boil. Ozzie immediately checked and turned, dropping into a steep dive, swinging his feet forward. Quickly the water seemed to come up towards him as he dived. Moments before he would hit the water he knew something was wrong.

Ospreys need to eat between 200 and 400 grams of fish per day, and that usually means 1-4 fish. Fish up to 40cm long are taken. In Scotland the main fish species caught are Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout, Pike and Flounder. Flounders are sea fish, so some Scottish Ospreys must go to the coast to fish.